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Located in Tianma industrial park in Songjiang district in Shanghai city, SHANGHAI LUOWAN TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. is a producing, researching and trading economic entity.

"Keeping improvement, quality first, good price, excellent service" is our tenet.

Our main products P-toluene sulfonic acid (PTS) has excellent quality and complete specifications, including AR grade, CP grade, Refined grade, Special grade, Industrial top-grade, Industrial grade and casting grade, etc, especially for AR grade (Analytic pure) and CP grade (Chemical pure) P-toluene sulfonic acid (PTS); through keeping improving manufacturing methods, adopting the latest technologies, methods and equipment, we greatly increase their outputs and quality. Now, the appearance of our products has reached pure white degree, and other technical indexes (Assay, free acid, alcohol solubility and impurities) are better than the related standards of this industry. Customers are highly satisfied with our products now. Now, they are widely used in chemical analysis, experimental reagent, the synthesis of drug and pesticide or polymerization, catalyst of organic synthesis (ester), intermediate of coating and resin curing agent. We are also a specialized manufacturer of liquid sulfonic acid curing agent for the curing of casting core of resin sand (furan resin-sand, phenolic resin) in casting industry. Moreover, we also provide casting industry and manufacturer of liquid curing agent with casting grade P-toluene sulfonic acid (PTS) and P-toluene sulfonic acid (PTS) mother liquor for the production of liquid sulfonic acid curing agent.

Approved by Shanghai security supervision bureau and awarded production license of hazardous chemicals, we also produce all specifications of nitro cotton pulp series. We sincerely welcome customers in coating, ink, cosmetic and adhesive industries to use our products.

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